High Voltage Hybrid Battery Chargers

(for professionals only - we cannot sell to individuals)


To order, please contact Claude Phipps (crphipps@aol.com). We have now shipped more than 75 units.

Our specialty is custom charger units. 60Hz - 50Hz - 200VAC - you name it! Contact us for details!


Please be aware we are on vacation from 23 September through 21 October, 2021 - and order 2 weeks in advance of this period if you have an urgent need!


Our most popular is the QDHC-350A, which has 2A and 6A charge currents, selectable on the front panel.

For reconditioning batteries, you might want the model QDHC-350A combined with the QDD-100 discharger. Another popular charger is the QDPC-160-A, made especially for Japan's 100VAC and 50/60Hz.

We ship internationally, for about $175. Within the U.S., shipping costs are about $100. For most sales, we must insist on PayPal. We cannot sell to private individuals, only professionals.



We designed and developed an outstanding line of industrial quality high voltage hybrid battery chargers and dischargers. These share a unique design without transformers or other heavy, power consuming devices.
Typical weight for standard units is 7 pounds. The control board switches input power directly into your battery and stops the charge at a level which you set. We have an excellent reputation with our customers - and you should have one of our devices for your shop!

Five Levels of Safety in the Design

  • Rectifiers cannot conduct in the reverse direction operated within ratings
  • All components are rated to withstand 2 times their operating voltage
  • Ceramic fuses and a 50A thermal breaker or a solid-state relay in series with battery leads
  • Charge voltage with most units is set with a precise vernier knob on a 10-turn potentiometer
  • All units can operate indefinitely into a short circuit

Comments from Users:

"These are wonderful pieces of machinery. I can tell that you put great care into the design and build of each one! ....It has been working phenomenally. I couldn't have asked for a better charger."
- Max Pfeiffer, University of Washington Hyperloop Project


"I don't want to buy something from somewhere else now that I have been spoiled by your charger. I don't see any other chargers for sale that are quality pieces of equipment. I believe in your product."

- Charles Ware, Huntsville Hybrids


"Your charger did the trick! I charged the Tesla to 354 volts, the batteries balanced enough at that point that I was able to finish it off with the factory 220 charger and I drove it today for the first time since I bought it 8 months ago!! Thanks so much for all your help!"

- Dennis Horton, North Main Automotive Inc,. Hendersonville, NC


"I couldn't make this kind of success story of my business without your products."

- A. J. Kitagawa, Numazu Hybrid Lab, Numazu City, Japan



(single phase)

Max DC Volts


Max DC Amps


Charges this battery (kWh)

80% In


Delivery **





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Battery Discharger

In production

Like QDD-100, but settable stop discharge voltage

2-3 weeks

Battery Discharger,

like QDD-100, but 560W continuous & settable stop discharge voltage

2-3 weeks
QDPC-160A 100 VAC, 50/60Hz 285 5.5



Precisely adjustable charge voltage +/-1%


(1.2 kWh)



for Japan.
Contact us for info on our sole dealer in Japan.

QDPC-160 120 VAC 340 4.2

In production


(1.2 kWh)


Back by popular



QDHC-300 240VAC 340 20 Max current model for Hyperloop project   ---- $1,745 2-3 weeks
QDHC-350A 240 VAC 680 2.0/6.0

2 or 6 amps DC out. Higher Voc charges more evenly!

Calibrated to  400VDC charge.

See above.





2-3 weeks



One of our most popular units!

Choose slow or fast charging with a front panel switch.






depends on frequency


2-3 weeks

Like above, but specialized for Japan

(350A is shown)




680 2.0/6.0 max, adjustable 10-100%       $1,550 2-3 weeks

New Product!

Like above, but current adjustment knob located where "charging" lamp now is.

VAC, 20A
710 5 - 10,
depends on
  High voltage applica-
--- $1,700 3 weeks

New Product! Ultimate charge voltage (Voc) is 5.6x the rms AC source voltage. This is how you can get 710VDC from 125VAC!


Note 1:  Price reflects amount of work involved in building the device. For chargers, charge time in table is from dead zero.
Proportionally less for topping up a battery!
Our specialty is custom building. We build when you order. Youi must use PayPal.

Please contact us. Dr. Claude Phipps, Photonic Associates, LLC, crphipps@aol.com or 505-466-3877

Note 2: What you save with a hybrid automobile: 25 kWh from your wallplug costs $2.50. Let's say you drive your
SUV an hour a day. A typical SUV cruising at 60 mph uses 36 hp (25kW) in steady driving. In an hour, that's 25kWh.
Its mileage is 20 mpg. In an hour, it has gone 60 miles, and used 3 gallons of fuel. A gallon costs $2.10, so that hour
cost $6.30 in gas. If it were charging a hybrid instead, at 80% efficiency, you would have saved $3.80/day, $115 a month.
Is that convincing?