Prius Hybrid Battery Charger

Model QDPC-330


Input: 240VAC, 10A

Output: up to 680VDC, 5.5ADC short circuit



Figure 1.The QDPC-330 Prius Hybrid Charger (December, 2017)


For hybrid battery repair shops, not the consumer market. Output connector: high voltage dragon clips, not a charging socket.Will charge the Nissan Leaf battery from zero to 80% of full charge in 5 hours [Figure 2]. Just connect the clips, set the "Vset" vernier knob to the desired level based on the calibration curve we will send you [Figure 3]. When it's done, the "charge complete" light will come on and a buzzer will sound.



Figure 2. Charge voltage and current vs. time


Figure 3. Typical charge voltage vs. verier set number


Price delivered to your door in the continental U.S.: $1300.

Delivery: 2-3 weeks normally.


To place an order for the charger, contact us at 505-466-3877 or the email address below.  We do use PayPal.

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