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Prius Hybrid Battery Charger

Model QDPC-300


Input: 240VAC, 20A

Output: up to 300VDC, 20ADC short circuit



Figure 1.The QDPC-300 Prius Hybrid Charger (December, 2015)


For the Nissan Leaf 25kWh battery, on the workbench


For Nissan Leaf repair shops, similar high voltage battery applications such as hybrid bus fleets, but not the consumer market. Output connector: high voltage dragon clips, not a charging socket.Will charge the Nissan Leaf battery from zero to 80% of full charge in 5 hours [Figure 2]. Just connect the clips, set the "Vset" vernier knob to the desired level based on the calibration curve we will send you. When it's done, the "charge complete" light will come on and a buzzer will sound.




Figure 2. Charge voltage and current vs. time


Price delivered to your door in the continental U.S.: $2450.

Delivery: 2-3 weeks normally.


To place an order for the charger, contact us at 505-466-3877 or the email address below.  We do use PayPal.

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